Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Financial Advice For Consumers Heading Into 2018


You might be surprised when it comes to the advice I would give you for 2018. With the markets at an all-time high, while the economic climate is uncertain, many people are leery of investing. After all, the chance to make money investing in the stock market was in the first several years following the recession, right? You don’t want to buy high, do you? Well, let me put things a different way for you.

There are always investments to be made as long as the world is still in working order. You just have to put your Belfast Financial Advice lens on and find them. I am going to give you a good headstart. As the market is going up, up and away, one of the oldest blue-chip stocks is suffering, albeit mostly based on emotion. The company is struggling, yes, but still raking when it comes to revenues. What company am I talking about?

For some direct financial advice for 2018, I recommend investing in this company, who will turn things around in the coming year. Of course, financial advice is more than about investing. With the economy the way it is, people have a very difficult time saving money. It’s not easy for sure.

I recommend really coming up with a strict budget in recognition that the economy is the way it is, bottom line. This is something I don’t see getting any better, quite the opposite of what I said about a multi-billion dollar company. The cards are stacked against consumers moving forward. Be smart with your money, save, invest if possible, and enjoy the simple things. It is time to make sacrifices, look for discounts on food and everything else and be as frugal as possible. Make it happen, and you won’t be trying to live above your means. It is easier and easier to make that mistake these days.