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Month: July 2018

Website Hosting Tips Ireland

Website Hosting Tips Ireland

Understanding Efficient Web Hosting in Ireland

People understand websites because they can see them. You give them your website address, also referred to as a url or a domain name, and people visit your website. They can see it, so they have some idea of what you’re talking about.

However, when you start talking about domain registrars and website hosting most clients’ eyes glaze over. Very simply put hosting your website is just like renting a flat where your website lives. For the people to visit your website they have to have somewhere to go, and the website hosting company provides that “flat” or accommodation for your website.


When hosting your website the important things to understand are that the hosting that you have purchased meets the needs of your website.

Adequate Web Hosting Packages

For most small business websites, a shared hosting package will be sufficient where the files on the website are not too big, and the competing demands of other websites on your shared hosting package do not negatively affect things like your website hosting speed. If your site starts getting really busy or you don’t like how long it takes your site to load, then maybe it is time to consider a dedicated hosting package. Significantly more expensive, but as with most things in life you usually get what you pay for.

Web hosting has lots of permutations and abbreviated terms designed to confuse but once you understand the basic difference between shared and dedicated hosting packages you are well poised to begin shopping for a website host.

Ireland Based Web Hosting Companies

In a best case scenario, you would host your website with a company based in the same country that you wish to do business. For example, if you own an Irish company but you want to do business in the USA, then it is generally recommended that you opt to host your website in the USA.

As Best Ireland Web Design explains the reason for this is that Google is thought to weight relevance to search queries based on a wide range of factors including that the website is hosted in the same geographic location as the person carrying out the search.

In the same way if a US company was seeking to rank in Ireland, they would generally host their website with a high-quality Irish web hosting company like Web Hosting Ireland. Check out their online profiles on Facebook – Web Hosting Ireland or Youtube – Web Hosting Ireland.